Episode 2×01 Tupcast Rises

After a lengthy break, James and Laurence return with a new episode.

  • Fortnightly episodes which ten per season
    • Recording on mumble rather than skype. Much better quality.
    • Content 1-3 times a week on the blog from myself, Laurence and Jack
  • New semi-regular segments to look forward to:
    • Random shit we found in the bargain shops (Aldi/Lidl/Home Bargains etc)
    • Game/Gadget/Book/Whatever we’ve been doing since the last episode
    • Wikipedia Article of the Week
  • The early phonetic alphabet
  • Humble THQ Bundle Perhaps not in the spirit of every other ‘Humble Bundle’, but still get several awesome THQ games for whatever you value them at. Redeemable on Steam. THQ is nearly dead… 😦
  • We play Co-op OpenTTD, invite you to join us if you play as well. (Unlikely, but maybe you do..)
  • Laurence wants a really nice laptop. Realises he probably will never get it.
  • Random articles from BBC
    • Mouldy bread be gone
    • Chinese dude loses his battle to save his house

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