Episode 2×02 Still Alive

James, Laurence, and Richard chat over Skype proving that we are still making new episodes for Tupcast!

  • Facebook Addiction by Richard
  • Sunny in Bangor! So we’re inside recording Tupcast
  • Holyhead Trip, Dragon Burger, and Mike’s Bites (Region specific PODCAST!! Sorry to everyone who hasn’t been to Bangor before…)
  • New awesome blog (which you’re reading this on now!)
  • Richard’s posts, geeky cloud linkage.
  • James has completed half of Four in February (LEGO Lord of the Rings, Pokemon Black 2, Oblivion, Half Life)
  • Animal Crossing New Leaf release date June 14th in Europe! Pokemon X & Y in October.
  • Do you play OpenTTD? Come and play on our server!
  • GTA and Retro City Rampage chatter! Back to the Future Mods and stuff
  • Rockstar Supersourz… Gotta try them all! Laurence searches for caffeinated condoms… (Wut?) New
  • Caffeine Side Effects, can we guess them? Man overdoses on caffeine in 2012
  • For an awesome boost try two espressos topped off with a can of redbull. We assume no responsibility for this….
  • Tat time machine shop… Full of so much crap!

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