Tupcast Island, an OpenTTD Project

As many readers will probably know, most of the Tupcast team are avid OpenTTD players, we all properly love this game. Today we start a new story, a story that starts right here, right now…

I welcome you, avid readers to Tupcast Island:



This is the beginning of a new project, to take you through the ups and downs of our new TTD enterprise called (you guessed it..) Tupcast Transport. The company has just been established and is headed up by our noble and tenacious leader T.Caster (don’t mock my creativity, I’m dedicated, ok?).



We’re starting our world in 1980 and will be using the GFX+ GRFs in addition to the av8 set by Pikka and the 2cc trainset. We don’t intend to use any cheats, specifically not the money or production value cheats, although as the game progresses may end up using the demolition tool.

Tupcast Transport business objectives are: 1. Build a comprehensive public transport network, connecting all towns, villages and cities 1. Connect every industry and complete all supply chains 1. Become the biggest transport company in all the land (which should be easy since we’re a monopoly) 1. Make £50,000,000 before the end of 2020 1. To continue to make posts about this

We’ll report back on the Tupcast website explaining our actions, profits, losses as if you were our share holders. Perhaps as the project increases we could even have the ability to vote on company decisions…. The game file available with every post so you can play along for free, and check out the progress in more detail.

Savegame 1 – 2013-03-07

Those that don’t have OpenTTD can find it available for free here: http://www.openttd.org/en/

The game is also likely to be a key area of discussion in our upcoming podcasts, stay tuned!


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