Nintendo Switch

Thoughts on the SWITCH reveal + things I want IT to do!

I’m a fairly hardcore Nintendo fan stretching back to my original Gameboy Pocket that I received for Christmas 1997. I’ve had every handheld since, and every Nintendo console from the Wii onwards. Nintendo is basically my jam, and I firmly believe that handheld gaming is the one true path for enjoying games. #teamhandheld

Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch

Back to 2017, Nintendo released more information on the Switch yesterday and if you haven’t seen it, have a a spare hour, and can tolerate shitty translators then you should watch it. We saw a new Mario game, new Zelda, new Splatoon, and several others I’m less interested in.

Everyone is ragging on how gimmicky the controllers ( joy cons) are. Let’s think about this for a second. Nintendo lives to innovate control schemes. Analog sticks (Nintendo 64), Motion Control, Touch Control. It’s what they do.  This time around we get miniature controllers that detach from the side of the Switch. You can play two player with just those, or can play with them separately (super awesome for some disabled gamers!). They also have something called ‘HD Rumble’ which is a souped-up vibration feature that apparently you tell ‘how many ball bearings’ are rolling around inside your controller. (a minigame from launch title 1-2 Switch).

HD Rumble – Count the ice cubes

This get’s me on to the system price: £279.99. Ok, this is fairly steep. If you love Nintendo you’re going to buy it, if you’re on the fence you’ll wait for a price drop. I think it’ll get one for the holiday season in the form of bundled games. I don’t think it’s an outrageous price though, like some of the comments I’ve been reading.

Talking about ‘expensive’, could the internet please stop going on about ‘OMG YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR ONLINE’ and ‘YOU ONLY GET ONE FREE GAME A MONTH’ before we know how much it’s going to cost. Also, it’s not going to be £10 a month. PS Plus is £40 and Xbox Live Gold is the same. Nintendo is never going to charge 3 times more. They might be stupid sometimes, but they aren’t that stupid. Maybe.

(PS. I’ve read about how the free NES or SNES game each month is only free for that month. I know. That goes in the ‘Nintendo is stupid sometimes’ pile)

Going back to my love of handheld gaming.. I travel lots, and lots. This means my WiiU and Playstation get neglected. I play considerably more 3DS than everything else combined. Nintendo basically combining these two separate products is literally exactly what I want from a gaming machine. Play at home, play the same game on the road. Brilliant.

So, to cover the title of this blog post; here are the things I hope the Switch can do. Maybe we’ll get some clarification before March 3rd’s release.

  • Being able to transfer my Virtual Console collection from WiiU (and maybe 3DS).
    • I would even PAY £1/£1.50 per game to do this!
  • Bluetooth compatibility for headphones. The PS Vita does this, and I wish more gaming machines did. No-one wants wires. I assume the controllers are probably using Bluetooth, but so are the PS4’s and they don’t allow any other bluetooth devices
  • Being able to use Wifi with captive portal logins. Pretty much anything that isn’t a laptop, tablet or phone freaking sucks to use with Wifi that requires a portal login.
  • Some form or Trophy/Achievement system. Maybe they could style it after Mario coins or something. I’m a sucker for pointless points.
Super Mario Odyssey
Super Mario Odyssey

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