Episode 3: Revenge of the Clusterfuckj

  • Clusterfuck: when everything goes wrong
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  • Samson C01U Microphone, quality microphone
  • Mari0 – Mario meets Portal
  • James’s Blog: Unlocking a Vodafone iPad
  • Raspberry Pi Computer (Preorder one from Farnell or RS Components)
  • BT/Talk Talk File Sharing Ruling
  • Oatmeal Legal Content Dilemma
  • Lulzsec’s Sabu
  • Peggle: Like Crack
  • Fortnightly Updates for the podcast from now

Jingle Links: Bike Horn, Earthquake

Episode 2

Laurence and James return with a new podcast this week, hopefully learning from our lesson from the last terrible episode. (Which I’ve now taken down. It’s just that bad. Consider yourself special if you managed to listen it.) This week runs to 20 minutes and was recorded with the help of a basic script. Topics include:

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