Anker Powercore 20100mAh Powerbank Review

I like powerbanks. I have loads of them. I got my first nearly three years ago back in 2013 when nobody really knew what they were and everyone gave you a funny look for charging your phone from a weird magic box.

Now powerbanks are everywhere, but they keep evolving. My latest acquisition is the Anker PowerCore 20100 Powerbank, which as the name suggests has a 20100mah battery enclosed within. Some people might say this is excessive? It probably is for most people but having several iPhone charges, some power for my 3DS, and backup reserves for a mobile wifi device is fairly handy.

Anker Powercore 20100 Powerbank


I use it most weeks. Recently at a conference I was using my phone as a portable hotspot (as the venue had terrible internet connectivity), and I had my phone plugged into the powerbank all day. When I left in the evening to go out, my phone was fresh at 100% power and my powerbank had dropped to 50% ready to be recharged over night.

Device, Capacity, Number of full charges from Anker Powercore 20100*

iPhone 6S, 1715 mAh, 8 charges

iPhone 6S Plus, 2750 mAh, 5charges

iPad Air 2, 7340 mAh, 1 (1.9)charges

iPad Mini 4, 5125 mAh, 2 (2.8) charges

Sony Xperia Z3 Compact, 2600 mAh, 5 charges

New Nintendo 3DS, 1400 mAh, 10 charges

Nintendo 2DS, 1300 mAh, 11 charges

*Taking into account that you will only get ~70% efficiency out of a USB powerbank.

These numbers are rounded down, and are only valid if you only charge that type of device from the powerbank. It does give you a rough idea of how much battery power you can tote around in your bag with you.

Ultra High Capacity Anker Powerbank

The Anker PowerCore 20100 weighs in at 358g, which according to my girlfriend isn’t noticeable in her bag on the days she’s taken it with her. I think this mostly depends on the size of the handbag chosen…

Also, whilst having so much battery charging potential at your finger tips it does seem a bit silly to only include two charging ports. One extra allowing me to recharge phone, 3DS and my watch for example would be quite useful.

Being able to quite literally go away for a weekend and not need bother finding an outlet is amazing. I’m sure I will be using my powerbank extensively on my trip to Scotland in March.


  • Enough battery power to go away for a few days without worrying about mains power
  • Quick optimised charging for your gadgets


  • Not the lightest power bank available, but you need to decide where the balance point lies between power and portability. (358g on top of my weekend bag isn’t really a lot though)
  • When it does need charging, you better do it overnight. Due to the large battery capacity, it will take a while to charge.

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