My Facebook Addiction

Hello. My name is Richard Anthony Morris and I am a Facebook addict.


I have been a casual user of Facebook for a few years. I was introduced to it by a friend of mine, as something harder and more fun to the soft stuff I was using for a while from my dealer Tom. And at first it was fun, it was mainly used as a social lubricant making it know that I was up for a party but recently I realised that I was using way more than usual and this was worrying to me.

I would be moderately using on the train to work, at work, on my break and on the way back home through the use of my little Android, constantly notifying me when something new arose and making sure that my interest was piqued throughout the day. At times there was a small buzz in my pocket comparable to a small voice saying in my ear ‘Hey, Richard, psst, are you bored? I’m only asking because you asked me to keep you up to date I’ve just got a hold of something new that you have just got to check out”. This was just during my working day, but, it’s when I got home and I was by myself that the trouble began.

I would be sitting on my laptop, ignoring the phone and for the most part the tablet because I knew that Chrome could get me the instant hit I didn’t even realise I needed. It became so easy I wouldn’t even have to write Facebook anymore, just an F would do and Chrome understood where I wanted to go. It was slowly turning into a bad trip, a social network site that allowed a vicarious life from the comfort of my laptop. Sometimes I would check even though there wasn’t a reason, I found that I checked Facebook with such frequency that separate tabs would be open with the home page where I had forgotten that I had checked it twenty seconds earlier. It became a social tick, an unrelenting curiosity that couldn’t be mollified.

The 4am check is what made me realised that I had a problem, I was addicted and I needed to get my shit together.

And I did, this morning, I pulled myself together and I am now 23 hours sober, and I am going cold turkey. I have to get this monkey off my back and rid my system of it. Its hard it really is, I keep wondering what’s happening with the hundreds of people I barely know and what cool parties are happening at a place I couldn’t possibly get to (nor was I invited), but damn do they look fun. I removed the apps from my phone and I am weaning myself off with a substitute. Twitter is a harmless fun, isn’t it?


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