iPad Pro Desk Mount – ieGeek Tablet Gooseneck Holder Mount Stand

I recently purchased a new iPad Pro 9.7 and found it awkward to use at my desk next to my main computer. It was far too low to use, so I went searching for a desk mount. I didn’t want to spend a fortune, and I found this one from a company called ieGeek for £12.99. Perfect!

I can now comfortably watch Youtube on the tablet whilst working on my mac, I can keep an eye on IRC without losing my focus and so on. I’m finding it really useful every day. Sometimes I even use it for productive purposes like keeping an eye on my emails…

iPad in Mount


The mount has a clamp to fit to most desks and surfaces, and once secured you need not worry about your expensive toy crashing to the desk. The neck of the mount is stupidly strong and I haven’t noticed it drooping at all in the three weeks I have been using the mount. It takes the weight of a iPad Pro 9.7” just fine (444g) so anything smaller won’t be a problem. One Amazon reviewer said they had used it with the 12” model but I don’t have one to try it. If you have, let me know in the comments.

iPad Pro Tablet Desk Mount
iPad Pro Tablet Desk Mount


You have free movement of the tablet in the clamp, and it will allow either portrait or landscape depending on what apps you use mostly. The part that actually holds your tablet is on a ball mount so you can swivel it as much as you desire.

If you are looking for a neat solution to ergonomically mount your tablet then this will suit you perfectly. I can’t really think of any downsides to this particular mount, it works. It’s cheap. It does what a mount needs to. What else do you need? Buy now.